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Co-parenting Calendar - Shared Custody Calendar

I have been practicing family law for nearly 40 years and named as SuperLawyer in the top 5 percent of domestic lawyers. I have also been named in the top 1 percent of all professionals in the United States. I created a child support calculator that is now used by 1,000s of lawyers, judges and magistrates. Our success is founded on making the complicated seem easy. This happens in collaborative efforts with legal professionals and dedicated programmers.

I saw other programs that were not easy to use and were confusing for the average parent and professional. The pricing was way too expensive for struggling parents with limited incomes. Yet parents need to figure out how to communicate with each other so there is no confusion. Children need consistency that our calendar helps provide. Each parent needs to know what I call the Who-When-and Where practice. Who picks up the child(ren), When the child(ren) gets dropped off and Where the child(ren) gets picked up and dropped off.

Custody battles are gut wrenching and each parent wants to protect their little ones. It is not uncommon for parents to have divergent ideas about what is in their child(ren)'s best interest. Thus the anxiety over how much time each parent should have with their child(ren) needs to be worked out and then put in a calendar for each parent to follow.

It is always better for two parents, either between themselves, their lawyers or mediators, to resolve than through the Courts. A judge once asked each parent if they loved their child(ren) and each chimed up that they did. He said he believed them, then added “…but I don’t and you are asking me to decide for you.”

Our calendar allows you to adjust times and share with others. This is important because times change, not necessarily because of the parents, but children’s schedules are ever-changing and everyone needs to be flexible. SasiTime does just that, simply and easily.

Thank you for having trust in us and we will continue to evolve our program to meet the needs of our subscribers.


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